I’ve met the editor of the Ranksome Academy’s school paper, president of the student council and a hall monitor.


Her name’s Minerva.

That’s a Greek goddess, right?  She’s just plain awesome.   You know when you feel like you’ve known someone for years, even though you’ve just met them – and not in a creepy nightmare/Bugly way or déjà vu way like with Dr. Spiller. And Minerva is going to help us in our fight against Bugly.

So remember that place I told you about where everybody’s dreams were happening?  I went there.  We all went there.  I thought I was dreaming at first but as it turns out, Medie and I really traveled there, something like the way we can travel through time.  Hector says it has something to do with our Timekeeper genes.  Don’t ask me.

Anyway, more good news!  Medie woke Mr. Vincent up and he’s some kind of sleeper agent from the future who was planted here to capture Bugly.  And he needs our help!

Wish us luck.


Signing off.


Medie rescues Hector


Now you might imagine that would be a complete disaster, and maybe it was because I sure feel like I’m losing my mind.

Medie’s been telling me for years that bear can talk and I never believed her – but now I’ve seen it for myself.

Okay if you’re still reading this and don’t think I’m completely nuts, then…I’VE TRAVELED THROUGH TIME!!!!!!

My parents told us all these stories when I was a kid about Timekeepers, the Celestial Atlas, Time Mutants – I can’t put it together right now, it’s all a big jumble in my head. I always thought they were fairy tales.  Now I know it’s all true.  But let me tell you this:  I know for a fact I traveled to the past.  And how do I know for sure?   The smell.  Phew! Nobody can fake a smell like that – nobody can dream a smell like that.

And Mr. Vincent was there.  Only he was there in his future. So he knew who we were, but told us not to tell the Mr. Vincent in our History Class, because he wouldn’t know what just happened.  Needless to say my mind is tied up in one of those bizarre knots that are completely impossible to untie.


Signing off.


Spent the day asking all the students I could grab whether they had the scoop on Bugly.



I tried everything from “What do you know about Miss Bugly,” to “Bugly, doesn’t she scare you?”  After the Flying Phobee incident you’d think they’d want to vent but all anyone would talk about were their dreams.  Here’s what they said:

Zooey:  “I love bugs, Bugly loves bugs – we have that in common.  It’s ferrets I’m afraid of, with their beady black eyes and sharp little teeth.  I feel them biting me all over and it wakes me up so I can’t get a good night’s sleep and I’m bruised all over from swatting the wall.”  And then Zooey told me I have the most beautiful dreamy eyes – whatever that’s supposed to mean – so I ended the interview.

Dashiel:  “Bugly and bugs – pretty literal don’t you think?  But Bugly, banana, butane, boom!  Every night, I’m telling you, cataclysmic blazes that I can’t escape no matter how fast or far I run and I wake up sweating, can’t sleep through the night at all.”  And then Dashiel fell asleep in his lunch.  Literally.

Pallas:  “I’ve been having this nightmare where people in masks are covering me in hay and I can’t breathe and I wake up coughing because it feels like I’ve got dust and stuff in my throat.”

You get the picture, Quincy, in history class, has clowns chasing him.  Bethany in Latin Club, dreams about a giant Praying Mantis and wakes up screaming. Kind of like Simon, except for him, it’s giant T-Rex.   I’ve got dozens of stories like these.   Why is this happening?  Is it because of the Flying Phobee dust?  Certainly seems so.


Signing off.


So we broke into Bugly’s office and Medie found the thing


Or at least we think it’s the thing – that our parents were looking for.

A book.  All I know is we don’t know how to open it.    Bugly’s office is unusual, to say the least, but what was really terrifying was what we saw outside the window.  Bugly turned into bugs!  Man, did we run.

We tore around the corner and boom, Bugly was there waiting.  How did she do that?  We said we were at the library but she knew we were lying.  She might not have found the book but she confiscated Medie’s teddy bear, Hector — and Medie is on the warpath.  She’s like Dad when she gets like that,  if something is important to her, she never gives up.

It’s pretty guaranteed she’s gonna do something crazy.  All she can talk about are Timekeepers and time travel — this whole big fantasy she has in her head, that’s based on stories Mom used to tell us when we were little.  Why doesn’t she just grow up!  At least she’s sleeping at night.  Simon wakes up five or six times a night, which means I’m waking up too.  Lots of the kids who were in the class that day are having nightmares.  All day long in every class, you can depend on hearing that distinctive clunk of foreheads hitting desks.

I wish Mom and Dad… Someone’s coming.


Signing off.


Now this is going to sound like I’m making it up.


But today my sister wanted me to help her put up a picture of our parents.

And behind it was another picture.  And the biology teacher, Miss Bugly, was in it.  The picture was from 1921, almost a 100 years ago.  And written on it was a message from our parents!  It said:  “Does she have it?”  Obviously we have to find out.

So we got Simon to show us where Bugly’s office is, and on the way, there was an earthquake – and just like Simon said, there were ghosts!  I couldn’t believe it.  They looked like they walked out of a history picture book.  It was freakish, to say the least.

Bugly was in her office so we decided to break in later tonight.  In the meantime, we went to the library to see what we could find.   Are you ready for this?  We found three more pictures of Bugly.  One from 1894, one from 1947 and another from 1975.  And she looks exactly the same in each picture, just dressed different.


Signing off.


This is not normal.


I know I’m going to sound totally crazy, but before we came to the Ranksome Academy I kept having these nightmares of being hunted by this horrible demon-like woman.

I’d wake up from these dreams in a cold sweat.  So you can imagine how I felt when I walked into biology class and saw that the biology teacher is the evil lady from my dreams.  I’m not kidding, I swear it’s true.

And that’s not all:  Just like the dream demon, Miss Bugly keeps these strange flying wasp-like insects – scientific name: Phobitoptera.  Which I cannot pronounce, so I call them Flying Phobees for short, because I have a total phobia for all flying bugs.   She says they can only be found on this island.  Lucky me.  So you can imagine my reaction when she held up a jar filled with hundreds of Phobees in class today – and dropped it!   And from where I was sitting, it was no accident.

Then to top it off, she didn’t do anything.  She just watched the kids swatting at them and freaking out as the Phobees swarmed everybody.  These were bugs like I’ve never seen before – you’d think they’d sting or bite, they look that scary, but they just sprayed this dust, and everybody who got hit got really sleepy.

And this teacher, she just stood there; she actually looked like she was enjoying how scared everybody was.


Signing off.


Don’t know why my parents chose this place but here I am.


So far, this is what I know:

The Ranksome Academy is on the island of St. Snivens and believe me, there’s no escape from here.  The shores are craggy and dangerous, the boat we came on was super high tech but it was still really scary getting here.  So much fog, it’s like living in a cloud.  I have no idea where this island is, and the only answer anyone seems interested in giving is “we’re in the middle of nowhere.”

Apparently the school was founded in 1873. Before that it was the site of an insane asylum that was shut down in 1861 due to a typhoid outbreak. And, before that it was a monastery which the community abandoned after a freak tsunami occurred. My roommate, Simon, who’s pretty cool, says there is a local legend that the old monks were able to see into the future. He also told me that this place has earthquakes all the time, and when they happen, ghosts appear.  I don’t know if I believe that.

This place is really unusual, to put it mildly.  When we first got here, we had to go sign papers in the office of the Acting Headmaster, who also happens to be the school doctor.  You should see the machines in his infirmary!  You’ve never seen anything like it.  And here’s the weirdest thing:  I had a huge déjà vu when this doctor headmaster guy smiled.  Like I know him but I just can’t remember how.  It must have something to do with Mom and Dad, but I don’t know what.


Signing off.