This is not normal.


I know I’m going to sound totally crazy, but before we came to the Ranksome Academy I kept having these nightmares of being hunted by this horrible demon-like woman.

I’d wake up from these dreams in a cold sweat.  So you can imagine how I felt when I walked into biology class and saw that the biology teacher is the evil lady from my dreams.  I’m not kidding, I swear it’s true.

And that’s not all:  Just like the dream demon, Miss Bugly keeps these strange flying wasp-like insects – scientific name: Phobitoptera.  Which I cannot pronounce, so I call them Flying Phobees for short, because I have a total phobia for all flying bugs.   She says they can only be found on this island.  Lucky me.  So you can imagine my reaction when she held up a jar filled with hundreds of Phobees in class today – and dropped it!   And from where I was sitting, it was no accident.

Then to top it off, she didn’t do anything.  She just watched the kids swatting at them and freaking out as the Phobees swarmed everybody.  These were bugs like I’ve never seen before – you’d think they’d sting or bite, they look that scary, but they just sprayed this dust, and everybody who got hit got really sleepy.

And this teacher, she just stood there; she actually looked like she was enjoying how scared everybody was.


Signing off.