So we broke into Bugly’s office and Medie found the thing


Or at least we think it’s the thing – that our parents were looking for.

A book.  All I know is we don’t know how to open it.    Bugly’s office is unusual, to say the least, but what was really terrifying was what we saw outside the window.  Bugly turned into bugs!  Man, did we run.

We tore around the corner and boom, Bugly was there waiting.  How did she do that?  We said we were at the library but she knew we were lying.  She might not have found the book but she confiscated Medie’s teddy bear, Hector — and Medie is on the warpath.  She’s like Dad when she gets like that,  if something is important to her, she never gives up.

It’s pretty guaranteed she’s gonna do something crazy.  All she can talk about are Timekeepers and time travel — this whole big fantasy she has in her head, that’s based on stories Mom used to tell us when we were little.  Why doesn’t she just grow up!  At least she’s sleeping at night.  Simon wakes up five or six times a night, which means I’m waking up too.  Lots of the kids who were in the class that day are having nightmares.  All day long in every class, you can depend on hearing that distinctive clunk of foreheads hitting desks.

I wish Mom and Dad… Someone’s coming.


Signing off.