Now this is going to sound like I’m making it up.


But today my sister wanted me to help her put up a picture of our parents.

And behind it was another picture.  And the biology teacher, Miss Bugly, was in it.  The picture was from 1921, almost a 100 years ago.  And written on it was a message from our parents!  It said:  “Does she have it?”  Obviously we have to find out.

So we got Simon to show us where Bugly’s office is, and on the way, there was an earthquake – and just like Simon said, there were ghosts!  I couldn’t believe it.  They looked like they walked out of a history picture book.  It was freakish, to say the least.

Bugly was in her office so we decided to break in later tonight.  In the meantime, we went to the library to see what we could find.   Are you ready for this?  We found three more pictures of Bugly.  One from 1894, one from 1947 and another from 1975.  And she looks exactly the same in each picture, just dressed different.


Signing off.