Spent the day asking all the students I could grab whether they had the scoop on Bugly.



I tried everything from “What do you know about Miss Bugly,” to “Bugly, doesn’t she scare you?”  After the Flying Phobee incident you’d think they’d want to vent but all anyone would talk about were their dreams.  Here’s what they said:

Zooey:  “I love bugs, Bugly loves bugs – we have that in common.  It’s ferrets I’m afraid of, with their beady black eyes and sharp little teeth.  I feel them biting me all over and it wakes me up so I can’t get a good night’s sleep and I’m bruised all over from swatting the wall.”  And then Zooey told me I have the most beautiful dreamy eyes – whatever that’s supposed to mean – so I ended the interview.

Dashiel:  “Bugly and bugs – pretty literal don’t you think?  But Bugly, banana, butane, boom!  Every night, I’m telling you, cataclysmic blazes that I can’t escape no matter how fast or far I run and I wake up sweating, can’t sleep through the night at all.”  And then Dashiel fell asleep in his lunch.  Literally.

Pallas:  “I’ve been having this nightmare where people in masks are covering me in hay and I can’t breathe and I wake up coughing because it feels like I’ve got dust and stuff in my throat.”

You get the picture, Quincy, in history class, has clowns chasing him.  Bethany in Latin Club, dreams about a giant Praying Mantis and wakes up screaming. Kind of like Simon, except for him, it’s giant T-Rex.   I’ve got dozens of stories like these.   Why is this happening?  Is it because of the Flying Phobee dust?  Certainly seems so.


Signing off.