I’ve met the editor of the Ranksome Academy’s school paper, president of the student council and a hall monitor.


Her name’s Minerva.

That’s a Greek goddess, right?  She’s just plain awesome.   You know when you feel like you’ve known someone for years, even though you’ve just met them – and not in a creepy nightmare/Bugly way or déjà vu way like with Dr. Spiller. And Minerva is going to help us in our fight against Bugly.

So remember that place I told you about where everybody’s dreams were happening?  I went there.  We all went there.  I thought I was dreaming at first but as it turns out, Medie and I really traveled there, something like the way we can travel through time.  Hector says it has something to do with our Timekeeper genes.  Don’t ask me.

Anyway, more good news!  Medie woke Mr. Vincent up and he’s some kind of sleeper agent from the future who was planted here to capture Bugly.  And he needs our help!

Wish us luck.


Signing off.