Medie rescues Hector


Now you might imagine that would be a complete disaster, and maybe it was because I sure feel like I’m losing my mind.

Medie’s been telling me for years that bear can talk and I never believed her – but now I’ve seen it for myself.

Okay if you’re still reading this and don’t think I’m completely nuts, then…I’VE TRAVELED THROUGH TIME!!!!!!

My parents told us all these stories when I was a kid about Timekeepers, the Celestial Atlas, Time Mutants – I can’t put it together right now, it’s all a big jumble in my head. I always thought they were fairy tales.  Now I know it’s all true.  But let me tell you this:  I know for a fact I traveled to the past.  And how do I know for sure?   The smell.  Phew! Nobody can fake a smell like that – nobody can dream a smell like that.

And Mr. Vincent was there.  Only he was there in his future. So he knew who we were, but told us not to tell the Mr. Vincent in our History Class, because he wouldn’t know what just happened.  Needless to say my mind is tied up in one of those bizarre knots that are completely impossible to untie.


Signing off.